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I have really enjoyed doing Niamh’s Weblog over the past 10 years or so but I am now planning to call it a day . The build-up of reports and pictures  now amount, I think, to a valuable record which I would like kept intact on the Internet, for others to enjoy, but I am seriously looking for another fan to take it on from here. If interested talk to  niamhodoc@eircom.net



Connemara Pony Poster by Phil Mac Dermott 1983.

Mare and foal from 1983 Poster. Can you identify?

Re. Picture 32 on 1983 Poster
Many of you who have looked up pictures on Niamhs Weblog may have come across information on a Poster commissioned by CPBS Secreatry in 1983 , to commemorate 60 years of the Connemara Pony Breeders Society’s existence. You may even have a copy of this black and white poster of 34 years ago. If not you will see it on display in the Clifden Museum, thanks to author Pat Lyne who had the poster reprinted some years later. Like me you will have wished for captions to be added, identifying the ponies and people involved before everyone forgets. You will see in the left side of my Blog if you scroll down a Post entitled “Photos, captions 1983 Poster”  Noted writer and Connemara Pony breeder Lib Petch has done a great job in identifying pictures and I too have got help from many people in Ireland and further afield so that most pictures can now have a caption.  A new Poster is therefore in order.  As Pic. 32 has not yet been identified, it would complete the picture if anyone knows anything about this photo of a lovely mare and her foal. I look forward to hearing from you. Please comment. Niamh

Oughterard Show Pony Champs.’17

Champion Murvey Rocco, Jack and Bernard Keaney with Sponsor John Sweeney

Reserve Champ. Castle Cloe, Michael O’Toole

1 Pony Judges, Jane Somerville, Louis M.Philibert

 Pony Judges, Jane Somerville, Louis M.Philibert

Oughterard Show, the last of the August Agricultural Shows in the Galway area, hit on a fine weather Sunday for their return as a fully fledged Agricultural Show this year after a one year lapse. Sheep, Cows, Dogs, Horses and Ponies and a well organised Home Produce display in the Community Hall, all made for a good old fashioned Show with interest and entertainment for all.There was not a whisper of rain all day from their early morning start at 8.30 to an early Horse and Pony Rings finish by 5pm and the ground stayed pristine all day, with the help of lots of sunshine. At the final curtain call, Judges Jane Somerville and French Connemara Pony breeder, Louis Marie Philibert had a very high quality of prizewinning ponies lined up in the Championship Class. Two progeny of Glencarrig Knight (Janus and Coosheen Breeze) emerged as the Judges’s favourites. Their choice of Champion was the Stallion Class winner, Jack Keaney’s 5 year old Murvey Rocco (Glencarrig Knight X Murvey Rita), led by Bernard Keaney. Their Reserve was Henry O’ Toole’s Castle Cloe (Glencarrig Knight X Castle Gypsy), an attractive young mare handled by Henry’s son Michael; earlier they  had been awarded the Red Rosette in the 4 year old Mare Class.   Niamh’s Weblog.


Clifden 2017 Friday. click on Prizewinners Parade.

Friday, Prizewinners Parade




Spring Festival 2017

Currachmore Cashel

Currachmore Cashel


Stallion Parade 2017
Spring Festival Hall of Fame Awards 2017
Gallery Spring Festival’17


Oct. Sales at Clifden ’16

Pony Sales Traffic

Pony Sales Traffic

Cars, trailers and lorries lined the roads around the town when what seemed like the largest crowd ever filled the Sales ring and yard at the Clifden Mart October Connemara Pony Sales. Passing through we paid a visit. On the 3rd day of this 4 Day marketing bandwagon, the sun shone and the day was mild, and the pens were thronged with this year’s crop of foals and some mares too. Outside on the road, almost every county in Ireland was seen on vehicle number plates.  Read More »

The Menorcan Horse & the Connemara Pony



Menorcan Stallion

Menorcan Stallion

On entering the picturesque Balearic medieval city of Ciudadella in Menorca, a striking sculpture, larger than life size, of a handsome prancing black horse on a traffic roundabout creates an immediate good impression. This is the Menorcan native breed, much protected and revered by the local people, especially at Fiesta time, when the ridden Cavall Menorque performance in the streets and squares is a major highlight of the Island’s many festivals. In the 17th century the Knight tournaments died out in the rest of Europe, but the old Knight’s tradition still survives in Menorca.  Read More »

Clifden Arts Fest. ’16

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Niamh’s Weblog, as you will know, has usually focused on Connemara Pony events in Clifden and elsewhere, mainly reviewing Shows, Stallion Parades, Sales and so on, for almost ten years now without a break.
Yet this year for the first time, I was intrigued to see   half-hidden parts of this historic town of Clifden   which I never knew existed. Have you taken the Walking tour and walked away from the traffic, along the old main street and have you seen (among other gems) the massive windowless walls of the old lugubrious Clifden Gaol, scene of woeful heartbreak in Clifden’s past, especially in famine times? If not, you have a treat in store. Our visit coincided with the town’s marvellous mid-September Arts Festival, which has been going from strength to strength over the past 38 years and the walking-tour guide, Kathleen Villiers Tuttle, is a local historian who keeps her audience spellbound throughout the tour.
The community contribution is outstanding in this town with literally hundreds of volunteers involved and 10 days of continuous happenings making it a joyful venue for lovers of painting, sculpture, poetry, drama, art, film and history, with concerts, many featuring local musicians, traditional, classic and jazz day and night, lectures and performances, writings, and all varieties of entertainment. Fidget Feet and other performers visit the local schools, and there are daily workshops for the lucky students in such diverse topics as art, history, singing, poetry, stilt-walking (yes!), basket-weaving and Bodhrán playing and much else besides. Footsbarn travelling theatre company had their tents in the Showgrounds and the town was positively buzzing. All venues were well attended and the diversity of this 2016 Festival was extraordinary. Niamh’s weblog was lucky enough to get permission from specialist in aerial photography, Fearghus Foyle, to use two of his drone photos. You can visit his site at http://www.aerialeye.ie Many clever people book their annual September break in Clifden as they know of the quality, fun and colour to be found there. See you there next year.


Tully Renvyle Oct.’16

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Tully Renvyle Oct 2016
Soon alas, we will be leaving our beloved North Connemara, home from home of the past twelve years, in this most beautiful area of County Galway.  Read More »

A background story, Clifden ’16, Two ponies

'Poppy' and Tomas Grimes. Photo Cecilia Isabel Heikne

‘Poppy’ and Tomas Grimes. Photo Cecilia Isabel Heikne

Finally, here is a little snapshot of the story behind Lackragh Beauty (see Clifden Post) and An Cheathru Chaol Bláthnaid

“I was once told its bad luck to buy back something you already sold, for us this couldn’t be further from the truth!! Our two Clifden winners last week, An Cheathru Chaol Bláthnaid (Poppy) bread by us and Lackragh Beauty originally purchased about 11 years ago as a cracking 5 year old mare, were both sold and repurchased by us. Life took over, newly married; building our dream home and stables left us short of money.   Read More »

Summer Shows ’16


CORK SUMMER SHOW 2016 at   http://wp.me/Phn5l-3fv

RDS Performance Hunters

RDS Performance Hunters

DUBLIN RDS 2016  Peformance Hunter

DUBLIN RDS Ridden ’16

Stallion Parade and Fringe RDS ’16

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