Midland Breeders Gallery ’11

7 thoughts on “Midland Breeders Gallery ’11

  1. Niamh,
    I would like to know why my yearling filly (Addrigoole Eva) is not featured on the photo gallery as there was four photographers to take pictures as she received her first prize in the yearling Filly class.I am new to the show circuit since last year but it is very obvious that you have to be” The who’s who” before you get any notice.This above mentioned filly has won in Midleton Show,Cork Show Midlands show,& Claregalway Show last Sunday.
    As for the young handlers class my daughter Alice O’ Donovan was the youngest just aged 10 yrs with our 4 yr old mare Moorland snow Queen.
    Kind regards,
    Linda O’ Donovan,
    West Cork.


    1. Hello Eva
      I actually had a picture of Addrigoole Eva and yourself ready to go in the gallery, but during uploading, this one pic refused to go. I will try again today.
      Thanks for your comment, best wishes, Niamh.


  2. No doubt, the picture still refused to go into the gallery. Perhaps it was frightened by the others? Was Patrick Curran the youngest handler I wonder, or was the class for the youngest handler confined to the Connemara area? No wonder even the judges are rebeling against the age old practices of Clifden Show.Bad result at this year’s show? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!


    1. Some crossed lines here I think. The picture referred to is in the Clifden gallery, (where it was taken.) As a late arrival at the Midlands Show I did not get to see all the classes or get all the winners pictures. thank you for your comment. Niamh


  3. That was such a lovely show, myself and the 5year old ‘Glenvalley Gold’ won the young handler class there, if you have any photos I would love to see them. Love the blog.
    Laura :)


    1. Laura
      I hope you got the emailed pic. of Glenvalley Gold. ? I sent it to Kasala Stud a few days ago. Maybe it is in your spam box. Please let me know. Niamh


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