Connemara Pony Poster by Phil Mac Dermott 1983. New Poster now available.

1 Poster 1983June 2019.   NEWS. *****  For some years now Niamh’s Weblog has been trying to ascertain the names of ponies and people in this  well-known poster put together by the late Secretary of the Breeders Society, Phil Mac Dermott in 1983, 36 long years ago.  Thanks to the many pony owners who helped with identifying these old photos, captions have now been added to a new large – size poster. which has been completed in collaboration with celebrated Connemara Pony writer Lib Petch.  Identification has not been 100% but over 95% are captioned.
I am happy to announce that a limited number of new these posters have now been produced by the Society for the benefit of members who wish to purchase this new Poster.

Many of you who have looked up pictures on Niamhs Weblog may have come across information on Phil’s  Poster commissioned by CPBS Secretary in 1983 , to commemorate 60 years of the Connemara Pony Breeders Society’s existence. You may even have a copy of this black and white poster of 36 years ago. If not you will see it on display in the Clifden Museum, thanks to author Pat Lyne who had the poster reprinted some years later. Like me you will have wished for captions to be added, identifying the ponies and people involved before everyone forgets. You will see in theright side of my Blog, if you scroll down. a page entitled “Photos, captions 1983 Poster”  Noted writer and Connemara Pony breeder Lib Petch has done a great job in identifying pictures and I too have got help from many people in Ireland and further afield so that most pictures can now have a caption.  A new Poster is therefore in order.