Ridden & In-Hand Classes,Thurs. Clifden ’11

Ridden andd In-Hand Classes. Thursday

Unlike the fairly ralexed conditions which prevailed on Wed.- with the Green Hunter in the morning and the Loose Jumping in the afternoon -Thursday was a hectic day. With 24 In-Hand and 10 Ridden Classes, it was close to 8 p.m.when the prizewinners parade re-entered the Showgrounds. Record crowds fairly surged-in all day, which remained mainly bright and sunny, and Rings 1 and 2 ran without a break. Entries were good and ponies glowed in the sunshine. However some classes were so full that the inevitable back-line was “shown the gate” before either judges or the public had a good look.  As Results of all classes are available on the Connemara Pony Breeders Website at www.cpbs.ie    Niamhs Weblog has adopted a simple format of mainly some Winner pictures which we hope you will enjoy.  We regret not having pics. of all winners.  Niamhs Weblog would welcome pics of these if you have one.  Judges were Catherine Angel and Julia Woods in the Ridden Classes.   In the In-Hand Ring Judges alternated during the day but Niamh Melody, Amanda Nicholl, Martin Bloch from Denmark,  Gearoid Curran and Michael Casey stayed judging mainly in Ring One .     They had enormous Classes to deal with as some of the Mare Classes touched over 20 entrants, it was no easy task.  The Blog misssed out on a couple of classes unfortunately, but we hope you like what we show.   Additional pics. will go in the Gallery at a later date.

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