Voices from the Irish Free State - Copy

for those interested in further information,
https://ardcrubooksniamh.com  will get you to ‘Voices from the Irish Free State’, just published this Spring, by Niamh and Eoin O Dochartaigh. The book features the stories and essays of 38 writers  from opposite sides of the political and social  divisions of the early 1900s  with around 150 old photos.  Of the authors, 10 are women who were involved in political or literary and indeed revolutionary causes during their lives.         
Between the jigs and the reels, it has been an eighteen months journey full of surprises, mental stimulation and debates and probably too many late nights.
This work is dedicated to all affected by the Corona Virus and those we have lost and to all our front-line workers for their heroic efforts. Go dtéigh sibh slán.  Bookshops, including Charlie Byrnes and Kennys in Galway and Alan Hanna’s in Dublin, are selling the books for £20 only.


Niamh’s Weblog:  Welcome back to Niamh’s Weblog.  GOOD NEWS FIRST; The old Pony Poster from 1983, displaying 46 photos of ponies and people from pre -1983, is  now available from the Society Office in Clifden as a newly  captioned large poster on quality paper.  Currently available only as a limited edition of 25 printed posters;  so in order to satisfy your curiosity and see who these ponies and people of former days are – contact  http://www.cpbs.ie
It has recently come to my attention that in some older posts, the original photos have disappeared.  Please forgive this glitch, but it would  be a time-consuming task to find the originals and re-insert them.