Pony Poster 1983

Connemara Pony Poster 1983

Poster 1983
Poster 1983

Ever since CPBS Secretary Phil MacDermott printed the pony poster to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Breeders Society, many breeders have happily been able, when asked, to identify people and ponies in this fine but uncaptioned Poster.  

Phil MacDermott Sept 08
Phil MacDermott Sept 08

Phil explains that there was no time to research names for this production as the idea for a poster was put to her rather late in the summer of 1983 and she wanted it out before Clifden Show in August.  It was displayed and sold at Shows and Fairs for a short time, but was forgotton until Pat Lyne recovered it in an office drawer and had it reprinted.  You will see it on sale in the Clifden  Museum thanks to Pat’s work there.    However time has since marched on, and many of the identities have faded from memories once sharp and quick, so that nowadays fewer and fewer members of the present-day Society  recognise many of the Poster people or their ponies within the collage of  37 black and white photos.  Click Here for list of Captions

I was interested enough to start to research names and identities some four or five years ago and with much help from breeders from both Ireland and abroad, managed to put together a list of identities for some 90% of the images.  Phil had given me an original Poster, measuring some 3 by 2 ft. and had given her approval for the project when I interviewed her for An Capaillín a couple of years ago.  

In my next Page, the plan is to give you the present list as it stands, then reprint  2 halves for better viewing.  I hope to reprint  also some of the still unidentified pictures and if any of my Blog friends can help with these it would be much appreciated. I will also include some already identified pictures (where worn poster has caused blurring) and their captions. 

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