Clifden 2019

CLIFDEN  2019 Thursday 15 August.
Not so long ago the third Thursday in August – as many of you will remember –  was the one and only day of Clifden Connemara Pony Show; a great change has recently come about as the Pony Festival now flows on through three week-days, with both ridden, jumping and in-hand classes running right through each day. Working Hunter competitions now run on both Wednesday and Friday, busy with day-long classes. This means that you  really must stay in the area for a couple of days to absorb the full experience  and you will – as a Connemara Pony fan – see and admire many of the best Connemara ponies on our planet.!
This year Niamh’s Weblog was unable to comply with this suggestion and our visit was limited to just a few hours on the Thursday, spent viewing some of the younger-ponies and the ridden classes in Ring 2. and taking a few photos.  See  in Read More. Continue reading “Clifden 2019”

RDS Dublin 2019

RDS Visit  2019.    Click on pic. to enlarge
The panoramic equine display of the Dublin Horse Show on the final day, Sunday 11 August, provided a feast of horse and pony viewing that can only be experienced at the RDS. Families were there in their thousands, the band lawn was packed to capacity and occasional free seats were like gold dust. The areas around Rings 1 and 2 were thronged evoking a day-out at the Galway Races. The Pony Club Games, fast and furious, with expert young riders vaulting on to their galloping ponies, was an exciting spectacle, while the sixteen young riders and ponies of Clare Pony Club branches, performed a musical ride in their smart Vienna Spanish Riding School coats and tricorn hats, providing a rare treat for spectators.
The side-saddle intermediate class was the epitome of female elegance on horseback, providing a glimpse back into a style of riding of an earlier age. The Connemara ponies involved stood out as ideal side-saddle mounts. Continue reading “RDS Dublin 2019”