Supreme & Reserve, Coosheen Julie & Fredericksminde Mathilda

2 thoughts on “Supreme & Reserve, Coosheen Julie & Fredericksminde Mathilda

  1. Pity the photo of the Supreme & Reserve is one of the very few in your vast array of Clifden 2011, which is not of great quality. I thought the shot of Peter O’Toole & the champion foal was exceptioal. Let’s hope he will grow up to fulfill the promise he shows here. Oh by the way, I’d just like to clarify my remark re the importance of the riding between fences which you quoted in your report of the 4yo Hunter Class – that the fence doesn’t matter !! Of course it does but your chances of clearing them is greatly enhanced by your “way of going” between obstacles & seriously jeopardised if you neglect this fact. And I quote “the approach is the most important part of the jump”. Now I hope I can work out what to do about entering all this !


    1. Thanks for your comment April. I shall rephrase your quote for the Clifden report (I had not got it down on paper at Clifden). Yes, some of the end-of-day photos were unfortunately not correctly in focus. I think Camera Fatigue had set in ! Best wishes, Niamh


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