Supreme Champ Banks Vanilla & foal

3 thoughts on “Supreme Champ Banks Vanilla & foal

  1. Hi Niamh,
    my name is Daniela, I am from Germany and I own a lovely licensed Connemara Stallion called Baunely´s Dipper, a brother of the pretty Banks Vanilla. I am looking for a “Connemara Pony show bridle”for him. Where can I find good ones? I could not find anything like it in germany. I relly hope that you can help me. Yours sincerely Daniela


    1. Hello Daniela
      Most good tack shops in Ireland will have what you are looking for, a showing bridle. I am surprised you cannot find one in Germany. At most of the Irish Shows there are stalls selling all horse and pony gear. Anyway, Banks Vanilla is a beautiful mare and her full brother must also b e a good – looker. Good luck with him. Regards, Niamh


  2. Hello Niamh,
    thank you for answering. Next time in Ireland(hopefully soon) I will look around for Dipper´s show bridle. I found a shop in the Netherlands and bought a nice show bridle for my friends welsh mountain pony. T´was a nice birthday surprise…
    Dipper really has a great character, I love him to bits!
    with kind regards, Danny


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