A background story, Clifden ’16, Two ponies

'Poppy' and Tomas Grimes. Photo Cecilia Isabel Heikne
‘Poppy’ and Tomas Grimes. Photo Cecilia Isabel Heikne

Finally, here is a little snapshot of the story behind Lackragh Beauty (see Clifden Post) and An Cheathru Chaol Bláthnaid

“I was once told its bad luck to buy back something you already sold, for us this couldn’t be further from the truth!! Our two Clifden winners last week, An Cheathru Chaol Bláthnaid (Poppy) bread by us and Lackragh Beauty originally purchased about 11 years ago as a cracking 5 year old mare, were both sold and repurchased by us. Life took over, newly married; building our dream home and stables left us short of money.    A hard decision was made to sell some stock to fund the dream, we sold some great ponies in the Clifden Sales such as Carrowkeel Boy who later qualified for HOYS, Curragh Court Lady who won red in Clifden for Padraic Hynes and Lackragh Beauty…..a mare who broke the record for the highest priced mare to go through the ring in Clifden, that record still stands over 8 years on. Nearly 3 years ago a familiar name appeared back in the Clifden sales catalogue, Lackragh Beauty. Unknown to me, Tomás took the day off work that Friday of the October sales and hit for Clifden with horse box on tow, on arrival he discovered a different looking mare to the mare we sold but still the kind eye we fell in love with. Tomás purchased this mare for €400 and brought her home where she belonged. The following year, whilst travelling the roads near Ballyhaunis, Tomás spotted a Connemara mare running along side a big bay draught in a random field, and liked the look of her. On the return trip, curiosity took the better of him, so he pulled up and hopped the gate for a closer examination; there was an instant familiarisation when their eyes met. The research was done, who owned the land etc etc., one lead led to the next until one day a passport was produced, and who was it only Poppy, the foal we sold 5 years previously and had not seen or heard of since. We got the opportunity to purchase Poppy that day and that we did in a heart beat!
So now you know why the tears flowed down my cheeks last Thursday and they do again as I write this but happy tears with lots of pride and joy. These are not just connemara poines, these are family. xx  Regards Tomás & Fiona Grimes.”